Soma Erdélyi

MSc software engineer with 9+ years of experience working with scripting languages, mostly JavaScript. Manager for 3+ years, leading engineers towards success practicing XP methodology.

I'm a software engineer with an MSc degree and 9+ years of experience in developing web applications with scripting languages. Most of my experience is with JavaScript and Node.js, but I also worked with PHP and Python as well. As a full-stack developer, I'm keen on understanding complex systems top to bottom.

Currently, I'm an Engineering Manager at Grover, practicing XP methodology to help my team deliver reliably in an agile environment. Previously I was a technical team leader at Emarsys Technologies. I also have experience in application security engineering with securing web applications and helping other teams design or implement safety-critical features. I like to share my experiences or spread knowledge through writing technical articles, organizing hands-on workshops, speaking at meetups, or mentoring colleague in our security champions program.

I was first introduced to programming at the beginning of my high school studies. I was fascinated by the idea of controlling the behavior of a computer and creating new software. During the years I spent at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a software engineering student, broadened my horizon in computer science. I learned that creating sophisticated software is not just about coding. It takes far more skills and knowledge to design, develop, and support reliable applications that others need. Throughout my MSc studies, I worked hard to extend my knowledge in software engineering even further, gaining more experience in recent technologies, methodologies, and how to connect the academic studies with the industry's expectations.

From LEGO robots to Raspberry Pis and Arduino microcontrollers, I like to experiment with different gadgets in my free time to build custom smart digital devices.

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