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Hydrologist Robot Boat

Remote controlled boat that analyses and collects water to help the work of hydrologists.

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    • Contributors

      Dániel Kovács

    • Mentor

      Ágota Lang

    • Category

      Hardware, Highschool

    • Technologies

      PIC microcontroller, Robotics

HidRoBot is a remote controlled robot boat that we created to help the work of hydrologists. It is based on a plastic catamaran fish feeding boat. On the top it has a WiFi router for wireless communication and an IP camera for live video feed. The robot is controlled by multiple PIC microcontrollers. It has a small built-in LCD display and a buzzer to keep away curios wildlife. The boat moves around the water with two water streams provided by internal pumps, one at each hull.

The robot can take water samples and lower a small capsule into the water with sensors in it. Water samples are gathered into sterile test-tubes that initially has vacuum inside them. If you wish the take a water sample a small needle's head is pushed through the rubber cap of the test-tube and as it punctuates it water is sucked in.

We entered The Hungarian Association for Innovation's Scientific and Innovation Talent Recruitment Contest For Youth with HidRoBot where we won third prize.

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