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Website design and sitebuild for the Hungarian Research Student Association

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      Dávid Fazekas

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      Tamás Korcsmáros

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      Website design, Sitebuild, 960 grid system, Django CMS

The Hungarian Research Student Association was founded to gather high school students interested in scientific research, connect them with mentors and previous research students. The association organizes different scientific conferences and competitions where students can compete and meet with like-minded individuals.

In 2012 after a change in the association's management we decided to redesign the previous website. The old site was almost 10 years old at that time with plenty of outdated information and a hard to use navigation. We wanted to make the new site straightforward and easy to use. I was mainly responsible for the new design. After multiple design sessions we decided on the final look. Next I transferred the file from an image editor software to static HTML code. Dávid then turned it into a dynamic template and set up the Django CMS as the backend.

The new site's front page contained a lot of relevant information and navigation links. There were separate pages for the history of the organization, partner institutions and organizations, supporters and frequently asked questions. Every member of the administrative staff got a new personal introduction page as well.
The organization's Facebook page was also integrated into the sidebar of the page.

After this project was completed the site was up and running, receiving good feedback from visitors. They appreciated the improved user experience and the ease of use. However, the time has passed over this site since and the association replaced it with a new WordPress based portal.

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