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Tower Defense

Classic tower defense game set in the world of The Lord of the Rings, implemented in Java.

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      Gergő Fodor, Márton Kőrösi, Attila Aba Virág

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      László Lukács

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      Desktop, University

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      Java, RUP, OOP

This simple game was the final result of the university's Software laboratory 4 course. Here we had to form groups of four students to manage, documentate and develop a complete project on a given subject. At the time we took this course the subject was to create a tower defense game which is set in the world of The Lord of the Rings. The player's job was the defend Mount Doom from the humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits by placing towers near the roads and barriers on the road. These items costed magic points and eliminating the enemy gave the player magic points as a reward. For extra points the player could extend the range, power and speed of any tower as well as extend the power of the barriers. Different enemies had different speed, health and armour.

We had to use the RUP (Rational Unified Process) methodology to produce detailed plans, documentation and a software ready to use. By the end of the course we wrote 139 pages of documentation, created 40 UML diagrams, coded more than 6000 lines and shipped three separate milestones of the application (skeleton, wireframe and final application). To track the source code we used GitHub where we pushed more than 250 commits.

We first created the UML class diagram of the application and generated the Java skeleton code from the model. Later we implemented the skeleton functions and wrote tests to check if they function as expected. The final step was to create the graphical user interface. The numbers displayed on the enemies are their health points and the numbers on the towers are their range.

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