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Wedding Organizer

Website with all the features that help you organize a wedding faster

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      Node.js, Express, Foundation, jQuery

Organizing a wedding is a complex and difficult task that takes a lot of time and patience to do right. You have to communicate with different suppliers and also with guests who have various needs and requirements. I created the Wedding Organizer portal to make this task easier and more manageable. It gives a lot of useful functions into the hand of the organizers. Some of these are the following:

  • Role based access control: Different roles can be assigned to the users of the portal. Regular users can view the site and visit the pages, submit their feedback and send messages. Staff users (like photographers) can visit the admin site where all the information is gathered but only with read-only rights. Administrators have full control over the site and the admin pages as well.
  • Feedback aggregation: Users invited to the wedding can fill out a detailed feedback page where they can specify how many of them are participating, what their special requests are (food allergies, special diet, need for a high chair) and if they need accommodation or not for the night.
  • Guest list generation: From the feedbacks filled out by the invited users a detailed guest list can be generated which is useful for the restaurant's staff and can be the base of the seating plan.
  • Contact page: Users can write messages to the administrators and the system forwards them to their e-mail address.
  • CMS functionality: Administrators can freely create pages with a WYSIWYG editor, assign roles to control visibility and organize them into menus.
  • Customizable theme: The images in the site can be set from the admin page and the font can also be changed from the Google Fonts database.
  • Excel export: All important data in the system including users, feedbacks and guest list can be exported to Excel spreadsheets.

The Wedding Organizer program is written in Node.js with the Express web application framework. The frontend design is based on the Foundation UI framework. Foundation files are compiled with the Gulp task ​automation tool and other JavaScript assets are also transpiled with Gulp. Application data is stored in a MongoDB instance and used with the Mongoose ODM. The admin page features drag&drop support for organizing the pages into menus, the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and many more 3rd party libraries. The site uses the TimeCircles jQuery plugin to count down the time for the wedding. Every site has a responsive design so they can be enjoyed from any device.

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